Prayer Detour

Hey everyone--For those of you who comprise the God Squad branch of my support network, I respectfully ask that you add my good friend, CK, to your prayer list as she was in a very bad car accident over the weekend.

She is in incredible shape considering the severity of the accident (fortunately no one else was involved) and has a good prognosis, but some damage of uncertain permanence was done and she does have a good piece of recovery ahead of her.

Love you, girl!!!

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trager said...

B--i'm so happy your check-up checked out!! just about the time you get over being impressed by your poops, V will start being impressed by hers. Connor, nearly toilet-trained, often wants to see his after he makes them and will exclaim "i made GIANT one!"
but, really, didn't we all after that awesome 3rd quarter (me, row 55 behind our band, sun BEATING down, necessitating buying new hat at stadium shop) saturday and we could finally relax a little?