Am I Still on Chemo or Something?

4:00am--Started the nth round of the 2008 Squirts Relay. Ran laps to the bathroom and back for about three hours.
7:30am--Took a quick hair-rectifying shower and a sitz bath.
7:47am--Experienced reverse peristalsis for the second time since surgery. Went right to sleep.
12:15pm--Woke up feeling better but still fairly crappy. The hair rectifying shower did more harm than good.

Now: Doing better, but not great. Nothing's serious, but I'm starting to feel like more of a worthless, pointless lump than usual.

I want to start feeling better.


Ed said...


When I was on chemo, I did the math related to the "half-life" of the chemicals that I was being infused with... I desperately wanted to know how LONG after the last dose that there would be only a negligible presence in me. It turns out to be a long time. I hope you feel better sooner, rather than later, but remember that the dosages are intentionally cumulative.

You will feel better, I promise. Just not as fast as anyone hopes... including me.

mmm said...

Hang in there! Does this help?


trager said...

of course you feel like crap. you kicked cancer's ass. (and something about a baby running around) even superheroes need to recover. so send your cape and tights out the dry cleaners and tell yourself "wow, i must have not yet learned everything i was supposed to learn about patience and humility even though my life has been kind of on hold for a year and my guts and pipes have been exposed to the world, while smug and self-satisifed pricks continue smugging away, thinking that the universe isn't completely random and that they are so fantastic that of course life goes their way or that God has chosen them to be blessed." i'm sad you feel crappy and i, too, want you to start feeling better. you are the troopiest of troopers.