Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth

Since this whole thing started, I've gleefully and half-jokingly commented that denial is a powerful thing. But yesterday, for a good fifteen minutes, fear had the upper hand.

Fortunately, I was able to muster the strength for a reversal, to stop my spiraling mantra of "I can't...," turning it around to "I won't."

Failure is not an option.


Pat McHulkamaniac said...

I totally just pictured you doing the Hulk Hogan thing (you know, where he shakes and then when the bad guy hits him one last time, he wags his finger and the bad guy starts backing up in sheer terror.) Hey cancer, it's probably your best move to get out of the ring now and lose by countout before Sugarmouth starts wagging her finger. For God's sake - she lived just a few miles from the WWF headquarters - she knows how this stuff works!

jaepea said...

you got this one.

Ed said...

This is so true. And the rollercoaster ride is just starting. But many of us can tell you that it does stop, that the scary parts are finite, that it is all worth it, and that the tears are a part of this life. You can do this.

Tricia said...

Sounds like it's been a really tough week.

You wrote earlier (and I'm paraphrasing, perhaps missing some of your meaning) about not liking the term brave because it doesn't apply when one doesn't have a choice. But you're making powerful choices as you Slay Cancer: going through all of the painful/uncomfortable/embarrassing proceedures; fighting fear; caring for your family; providing support via this website to your friends and to people you've never met who are going through this too and are inspired by your words.

So, keep on being brave even if that's not what you're calling it (but I'll call it that...). :)