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Here I am, trying to get all my metaphorical shit in one sock as the cleaners perform their fortnightly* duties while also doing my prep, and I am once again prioritizing my Internerdtacular life over other parts.

And yes, that includes you guys. So let's go over those poll results!

I'm happy to report that the majority of us are on the same political page, with 70% looking forward to a bit of a sea change in Washington this fall.

17% of folks lean a bit more to the right than myself, and I really don't begrudge any of you that as I have some affection for ol' Johnny, but as Jody says, he's the right guy at the wrong time. Too bad Bush's crew managed to turn the loving act of adoption into something sordid. ASSHOLES.

9% of you guys are excited about a woman in office, and if you'd told me a year ago that I wouldn't be 100% pumped for Hillary I would have thought you a liar, but I've become less a fan due to the way she's run her campaign.

Finally, I have to give big props to the person (who apparently wasn't my husband) that voted for Libertarian candidate Ron Paul. I'm as bleeding-heart big government for social programs liberal as you get, but there's a lot on the Libertarian platform that I agree with. Ok, mostly it's the legalization and regulation of pot & prostitution, but still--kudos to you, third party voter guy.

Anyone interested in letting me know why my political views are wrong (and/or why I'm going to hell), leave a comment! I'm sure they'll be hilarious to read when I'm whacked out on pain meds.

*The jury appears to be out on the definition of biweekly.

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Pat McDictionary said...

Bi-weekly: every other week
Semi-weekly: twice per week

I don't care what the dictionary says...er...reads...