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Where was I?...

After brunch, we powered down a bit back at the hotel before striking out for Whirlyball. For the uninitiated, Whirlyball is a 5-on-5 hybrid of basketball and lacrosse, played in bumper cars. So fun.

It took us a while to get the hang of things, going scoreless for an embarrassing number of 10-minute rounds, but we eventually figured some things out and I even managed to put one on the board.

The only downsides of the outing were the aforementioned leaving behind of my relatively new camera (requisite Craiglist post here) and the fact that my body got so beat up, I'm still feeling it four days later.

We intentionally didn't have any plans post-Whirly, so I was a little worried about us flailing, but friends were able to score a big table at Dublin's Pub where we all had a bit of dinner and hoisted a pint or three.

Next, we headed off to Lincoln Karaoke, a beyond nondescript place in the north end of town. Thanks to Crawfy (who was also the mastermind behind Whirlyball), had a huge room in which to mangle Journey, Bon Jovi, and Elton John, once we figured out the remote control. The owner was super nice, comping us water, potstickers, and champagne and I think we all had a ridiculously good time, singing and dancing and making total asses of ourselves.

That was pretty much it for the weekend, with the epilogue being coffee on Easter morning with those folks with later flights. All the girls in the hotel lobby dressed in their holiday finery made us miss our wee one, so we hightailed it home for some down time with our girl.

So that's pretty much that...like I said, no pics from me, but hopefully there will be some floating around out there in the Internet ether...

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