Scenes from My Nightstand

I go back and outline last week for her again, belaboring every episode so she can acclimate to the thinner air. I know her job is to keep me from harm. After all, I am a mother now too. I know what it is to want to safeguard your children. It starts with the first prenatal vitamin and it never ends. Safety gates, life vests, fire drills, swim lessons, CPR. And still, one day, the kid you've been so careful to protect might call to say she has cancer.
--The Middle Place, Kelly Corrigan
Either this book goes back to the library or I'm going to have to stock up on more Kleenex, as that passage kicked off a crying jag that lasted a good 15 minutes.


Ed said...

Your blog entry brought a tear to my eye, right in the middle of a national conference. You are not alone, Brigita. Thanks for the post.

Kelly Corrigan said...

Brigita, others,

You migth be interested in this short video about the book:


At any rate, thanks for mentioning the book. I hope you like it. It has a happy ending, I promise.


Kelly Corrigan
The Middle PLace

Cap-o-impressed said...

Wow! I've never seen an author drop into a blog before. That's pretty cool. I'll even forgive the lack of a spoiler alert. It's her book, after all.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Hi Kelly--Thanks for checking in (and "spoiling" me as to the ending of your book). So much of your writing--style, imagery, content--hits so close to home, it's like going through it all over again.

And for that reason, I should keep the book (even though it's overdue) and push on through to the happy ending. :)

Cappy--Oh, I know you've heard of me. And my FKNblog.