Back to the Now

I am officially in the final stretch. Yesterday I had my ultrasound, which went lots better than the first one for all sorts of reasons, with the main one being that Jody was with me for it (seriously people--is he the best or whut?).

I'm happy to report that the results confirmed that of the CTVP, that my chemoradiation treatment smacked the shit out of that little white ball ass tumor--which looks more like layers of scar tissue than anything at this point--and shrunk my nodes considerably (the biggest one had been about 1cm is now more like 2mm). WOO!

This morning, I had my Last Breakfast (blueberry waffles at the Original Pancake House--not the best ordering job ever but not all bad either) and am looking forward to my Last Lunch at the Old Fashioned...I'm thinking I'll stick with the old standby, the walleye sandwich. Mmm.

After that, I'm off solid food for the foreseeable future, as I start my clear liquid diet tonight. And no, beer doesn't count (I asked).

At some point today, I have to mix up my GoLYTELY (OkIWILLTHANKS) to have it all good and dissolved for tomorrow, when the fun prep begins.



Anonymous said...

That is what I like to hear......
chemo/rad 1 tumor 0. That is great news!

jaepea said...

really good news!

hh said...

great news!!!! good luck with the prep. xoxo

Anonymous said...

yes! Thinking of you all the time.

Love, tasha

Tricia said...

Glad things are looking good! Hang in there with the prep.

Pat McDoodiejoke said...

What's blue and sits on a toilet?
A policeman doing his duty.

That's my favorite poop-related joke. It got big laughs when I was about 8... I really haven't progressed much past that