That Counted Chicken Didn't Hatch

Getting out of bed this morning, it hurt to walk around, with the balls of my feet feeling like they're burning. It's not terrible, but I guess I didn't dodge that hand foot syndrome bullet after all.

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Ed said...


SO sorry to hear about your feet. Mine feel the same way and it has been almost 3 months since the last confirmed siting of a chemo-drip attached to my chest. Apparently, fluorouracil is a drug that sticks around for a while. The good news is that I think the neuropathy is a little better now than it was a month or so ago. The bad news is that it may just be the fact that the weather has warmed markedly over the past week (we're above freezing now - in the 40s) and the cold really exacerbated the hot-foot syndrome. Time will tell. Hang in there, though, and you have my full support as you kick some eBay-seller butt.