Cue the MacArthur Genius Grant!

I bought Little Miss a potty a week or so ago because I really believe you can start the toilet training process way early. I've read a little about elimination communication and while I understand there's no practical way for us to do it perfectly (between day care and my not wearing her in a sling 24/7), I think every "catch" helps.

That said, I've been putting V on the potty in between diaper changes for the last several days. I thought she was doing great when she would do the occasional tinkle (4 times in total so far), but this morning? I almost jumped out of my skin with happiness when picked her up and I saw the mother of all poops in there!


Now, back to your regularly scheduled cancer jabbering.


Amanda Close said...


hh said...

you're baby girl is so much more advanced than mine. but mine can kick yours' butt in football (at least for now0

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Umm...I'll leave out the part where V. had a major liquid poop all over the changing table yesterday. THREE TIMES. I'd strap her down and go to the bathroom to dump the mess in the toilet, only to come back to a curled plop waiting for me.

Thank GOD she didn't get it on the walls or all over herself...amazing.

Then there was the fact that I woke to the biggest blowout yet this morning: sleeper, sheets, everything was messed. I just threw up my hands and gave the little miss a bath. Not our usual 6am routine. Guess I need to start getting up earlier to try catch her evil business in the potty...?