Rock On, Rockstar

Fifteen some years ago, I would drag myself out of bed at the ungodly hour of 9 o'clock on a summer Saturday morning to start calling (more like redialing and redialing) Ticketmaster to get tix for some iteration of Lollapalooza.

Today, I was out of bed before 6am and had to *wait* three hours for web registration to open up to get Violet and I on the Book Baby list at the local library.

The body may feel every one of my 33 [oft misspent] years, but the mind is running about a decade behind.


niebs said...

Violet told me she'd rather go to a concert and flirt with the boys.

jaepea said...

oH! remember when we used to have to get bracelets and go stand in line outside of strawberries or whatever that stupid record store in stamford was called to get tickets.....