From One Hot Bitch to Musty Matron in 90 Seconds Flat

I got my hair did (read: cut & color) by my favorite-est stylist this morning. Ooh! I was lookin' good. After that, I walked across the [pedestrian] mall to Macy's, where I had a bra fitting for the first time in my life.

Remember how I've been going on and on (and ON) about how my boobs have shrunk since nursing? Turns out that the right size for me now is actually one cup size larger than what I had been wearing pre-pregnancy.

In other words, not only was I wearing bras that were the completely wrong size for me, but they were stretched all to hell on top of that. Lovely picture, no?

The moral of this story: If you're postpartum, get your boobs measured. While you're at it, you might also want to have your GP test your thyroid levels as it's not uncommon for a woman to become hypothyroid after having a child. Unfortunately, Macy's can't do this for you at the same time.

Think about it--both your energy level and metabolism go down when your thyroid craps out. Wouldn't it be nice to kill two of those yucky pre-middle age birds with one easy, caffeine-free stone?

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