Button-Popping Full

Today Sailor Jody, Little Miss, and I were out and aboot and decided that our big event of the day should be lunch at this Mongolian BBQ-type place. Once we got our table, I got busy feeding the wee one, so Jody fixed me up a bowl of stir fry.

Godbless'im, it was tasty and all, but I had an appetite and wanted to check out the fixins bar, so I went back for seconds and made myself a fanFRICKINtastic mess of veggie goodies.

It was waaaay too hot--temp and spice--but I still stuffed my gob with as much noodley goodness as I could, chasing it all with glass after glass of water to put out the flames raging on my palate.

I am still full.

I have decided I'm going to put on a few lbs (preferably muscle, but I'll take what I can get) prior to surgery, because from what I can gather you drop weight like a hot rock while recovering and I cannot afford to lose 25% of my body weight like some cancer folks that have gone before me...


Ed said...

Sorry to ask this "publicly" and risk being exposed as a person-with-failing-memory, but when is your surgery scheduled, and what is the extent of the planned "withdrawal"? I only ask because of your comment about weight loss. My experience was loss of 20 lbs... from a slightly overweight 182 to a very slim 165 or so. When I say slightly overweight, I am a 5'11", balding, semi-athletic white guy. Lost 15 inches of colon and one mostly gone tumor (mostly removed via the colonoscopy that discovered its malignant nature - adenocarcinoma), along with a bunch o' lymph nodes (10 of 23 had cancer cells in them)... The chemo I underwent post-operatively (FOLFOX) kept me at around 168-170 for the subsequent six months, and now I am back to about 180 - though I believe that more of it is muscle than before as I am actively working with a trainer.

So, you may not lose 25% (mine was closer to 10%) - but your appetite and taste buds will be whacked by the chemo. I recommend consciously enjoying everything you eat (and see, feel, hear, smell, and love) because you may not want to eat, see, or feel them while in the chemo-haze. I sorely missed red wine, single-malt scotch, and spicy foods. Now I find that I am a very cheap date in the alcohol-department.

As always, good luck with everything.

hh said...

i'm sure my dad (the doctor - as you know) would recommend ensure and snickers bars. that was his trick when he was trying to put the weight back on (and then some) after they removed part of his colon. nowadays he says he likes to carry an extra 5 lbs on him in case of an emergency...

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Ed--The surgery is at the end of March (check out the sidebar for a rough schedule of upcoming events). There's also a link there as to what kind of surgery I'm having done. I'm probably also going to "get" to have an ostomy for 6+ months, so I've got that going for me... :(

HH--"...In case of emergency." Love it. No longer will they be those 5lbs I can't seem to shake, they're there in case I need them.

As for my method of weight gain, I'm leaning toward coffee oreo milkshakes and these powdered sugar cookies I found in the Valentine's clearance at Target, exactly like these, but heart shaped. Holy CRAP they were good--I will so be looking for them when their Easter stuff goes on clearance. :)