Care Package Rundown

"Oh, you shouldn't have (but I'm glad you did)" shoutout to Tricia & psorr who sent me a fab package of delicious carmels, a copy of The Stranger, a Best of 2007 mix CD, and a cap from one of the greatest coffee houses in Seatown, Caffe Ladro, which Sailor Jody and I have been known to call Cafe Lardo on more than one occasion. Because we're sophisticated like that.

And let's not forget about the awesome Wonder Woman card...I'm going to have to start a collage of all the great cards and other kickass ephemera I've received thusfar.

Also, many thanks to the anonymous person who sent me the Colon Club care package, including a bunch of blue ribbon temporary tattoos, a roll of TP emblazoned with "Wipe Out Colorectal Cancer!" and a copy of the 2008 Colondar.

Great stuff--Thanks again for thinking of me!


Tricia said...

Yeah! Glad you got it all okay. No complaints about USPS: Jeff mailed it on Saturday.

The Colon Club care package sounds fun, too. You can never have enough temporary tattoos...

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Thanks again! Care packages rule, tumors drool. ;)