Um...Yes, Please?!

Ok, so now my surgeon-who had originally given me a takedown date of 10/1 or so, then moved it all the way up to 9/12, which was great--wants to move the date further up to 9/5?!

My right brain is all "WAHOOOOOOOOO!" but my left brain is all "Um, is the chemo going to be sufficiently out of my system in order to have the best odds for a successful and speedy recovery?"

Note: My right brain can shout louder.


meg said...

wow....that's big news. why the constant date change??? good luck today, b. last one, we hope it goes somewhat smoothly. sending our love!!!

MMM said...

Wow! That's great news, right? And since I'm posting, here
s an extra 2 cents of good luck from A & MMM as well.

Tricia said...

Chiming in with the right brain; that's great news! Hopefully, chats with the doctors can ease the left brain's concerns.

Niebler said...

No worries, B--your surgeons know what they're doing and they must think you're holding up pretty well (even if you don't feel terrific with the chemo). Hopefully they won't keep changing the date on you--easy for them, hard for you.

Thinking of you during your last chemo; grind this one out of your life.

Love, Niebs