Cedar Point's Got Nothin' on Cancer

Holy fucking roller coaster, people--I just got an email from my surgeon saying that he's conferred with my other docs and he feels comfortable going ahead with my reversal as early as 9/12!

I definitely needed that high after the chemo lows of this past weekend...holy SHIT that's been a rough ride.


doc said...

Great news, Brigita - sounds like the countdown can begin!

Tricia said...

That's great!

I hope that you're feeling better this week! Only 1 more of those to go; hang in there!

jaepea said...

so pleased to hear.

Ed said...

Wow. I am pleased to be happily surprised by this news! I have to admit to feeling a little sympathetic fatigue due to your recent posts, but this is great to hear. Five weeks is not such a long time.


meg said...

wow!!! amazing news, B! We are thrilled for you!! I can taste that chocolate cake now (not literally, that would be cruel)!!

Lanny said...

Hope you're feeling better!