Little by Little

Gradually starting to feel better these days...gah, I still can't get over how hard this last treatment was. I think if I had the choice, I would seriously consider going through labor & delivery again instead of another round like that...at least L&D only lasted 16 hours!

While waiting for my shot in the oncology waiting room yesterday, I ran into one of my onc's nurses, who asked about my last round.

When I told her about how bad it was, she said she'd relay the info to my onc (whom I'd already emailed with the not so veiled hope of getting out of the last treatment) and that they could probably lower the dose for the last infusion. Which would be GREAT.

Like I said, I'm feeling a bit better--not 100%, but I'll take what I can get. And I think right now that means me getting a Dr. Pepper.

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