Like a Mothertrucking Drum

I am BEAT.

Violet continues to throw my words ("my baby sleeps like a CHAMP") in my face. I apparently had forgotten the don't-talk-about-the-boy-you-like and don't-say-you-did-well-on-the-test jinxes of yore.

I am an idiot. An exhausted, frazzled idiot in desperate need of a professional cut and color (not to mention a vacation and big night out with good friends that isn't followed up with the two day brick-to-the-brainpan sort of hangover that seems unavoidable after 30).

More as it happens.


eileen said...

Must be something going around these days- according to my sister, my 14 mo, old niece has turned into a nocturnal gremlin for the past couple of months.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Brigita, we are going through the same thing! Addie has been a champ sleeper since she was 3 mos old- now suddenly she wakes every night and is totally high maintenance. BTW, I had a night with friends followed by the BTB hangover and it isn't fun with a high maintenance baby.