Chemo RULZ!

"WTF?" you may be asking yourself? "Has Sugarmouth/brigita finally, officially lost the last of her marbles?"

Au contraire, my darling readers! I am just super fired up to report that I am feeling Tony the Tiger grrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! No GI issues to report, peripheral neuropathy is managable, appetite is good, and attitude even better.

Miss Vi is in drop-in day care today--I figured I should have some child care coverage considering the horrorshow that was treatment #7--so I've been spending the morning yard saling to my heart's delight and am planning on attending yet another matinée here shortly--lower brow theater to match the lower brow fare.

What can I say--I heart the Bateman!


eileen said...

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling well!
Happy Friday!

Jeanine said...

YEAH!! And I am glad you can do something fun for yourself - enjoy the movie!

Tricia said...

Woo hoo! So glad you're done and able to enjoy the day!

Lisa said...

I hope you continue to feel good today. I know how it is where one day you feel great, then the next day you feel bad. Did you see the movie?

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

I did see it...I'm never one to try to figure out movies, but the "twist" of this one was made patently obvious through hammer-to-the-forehead editing in the first 5 minutes. Guess I should have lower expectations for a Will Smith summer popcorn movie.