On Dummies, Island Music, and Sexy, Sexy Credit Card Fraud

Some random notes...

One: Last night was the first in probably a month that I've had to take baby duty (I know you aren't reading, but thanks, Mom!). I am thrilled to report that Little Miss only woke up twice and went back down very, very easily.

The first waking was @ about 1:30a, which was easily remedied by popping her pacifier (aka a dummy in some parts of the world) back in. The second waking was @ 4ish, which was definitely long enough from her last feeding that I figured she was due for a feed and diaper change. I turned on the lights and started to get everything ready when I thought I should put her pacifier in to keep her from waking Sailor Jody. Much to my surprise she fell instantly asleep. Well, alright! Guess she wasn't hungry after all!

Two: I'm still working through my random mix tape collection, which just got all the more random. The first mix--which had lots of promise since it was 110 minutes--turned out to be totally thrashed and wouldn't play. I would later rip ribbon out of this tape and drop it into a bin in the hospital.

The second mix was a solid 60 minutes of steel drum music. The hell? I have no idea where this tape came from, if it was mine of Sailor Jody's, etc. I don't think either of us ever when through a phase where were into music from the islands. So bizzah, mon.

Three: Looking over our bank accounts this morning (as I do pretty much every day), I noticed an odd charge to our credit card: $49.95 billed to Chemistry.com. As in the dating site. Ok, the FUCK?!

Now, a less secure person might trip right the fuck out at seeing that, especially on the heels of my recent diagnosis, but the good news is that my husband (1) loooooooooooves me and (b) isn't one to actively seek out the company of women, to put it mildly. To put a finer point on it, the average woman drives him batshit after more than 20 minutes. You better believe that I am beautiful and unique snowflake, dammit.

All that said, I've contacted my credit card company and Chemistry.com to get the charges reversed. I'm also hoping that they'll give me the contact info of the person who tried to establish an account (name, email addy, etc). Because I've got the time (and for now, the energy) to exercise my sleuthy and wrathy sides.

In other news, Sailor Jody is in Chicago on bidness, so I think I'm going to try to flush our hot water heater today. Fingers crossed that I don't flood our basement or scald myself in the process.


nikki d said...

Flush your water heater?? Hmmm... what the heck does that entail? speakin from a socal girl & currently in "the islands", i have never ever heard that before. BUT. . good luck!!!

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Hey woman--Thanks for the comment & phone message. I owe you an email. :)

As for the hot water heater, the blasted drain valve is some cheap plastic piece of crap that was impossible to open. Apparently these are standard on more recent tanks, which means that the previous owners never flushed their tank.

The good news is that I think I'm justified in getting a plumber in here to have it replaced (and fix the drip upstairs and replace the faucet in the kitchen with one that has a sprayer...)

More than you ever wanted to know about our plumbing. Or mine for that matter, I'm sure. ;)

nikki d said...

good, i am glad that you are doing the sane thing and calling in the plumber and not trying to handle it on your own. like ed did over Thanksgiving weekend. We had had a SLIGHT leak from our master bathtub & all of the sudden, ed decided that HE is going to try something. Mind you, with NO plumbing training. So, in he goes and all of the sudden, the slight drip turns into a RUSH of water and he can't turn it off. $275 emergency visit later, we still don't have a working tub. And i love my soaks. . . ah well.
Hey. . . are you still nursing? Do you have the book Baby411? I swear, it's the only book really necessary (of course, I didn't know this until after I purchased all the others) for their first year. Answers all the questions totally matter-of-fact. NO BS. I just ordered a couple copies & have one reserved for you, if you want it. Just say the word, chica.
BTW, I was just telling someone the other day about how I ran over that cat with you in the car & we took it to the Humane Society. Ugh.

CrazyTom said...

Maybe Violet was trying to hook up with a one-year-old hottie on Chemistry.com... We just found out tonight that we too are currently victims of rampant CC fraud. Maybe I'm missing something, but these genious crooks used our CC# to order movies from Netfliks (to an address), order boxes of steaks (to an address), and pay a Time Warner Cable account bill(associated with an address, etc). How do you not get caught?

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Nikki--We don't have that book, but I think Jody is a little superstitious about baby books...Violet slept like a champ until Bubba & Tina sent us a book about baby sleep, then her sleep went to crap! Coincidence?

And about running over the cat...talk about the world's worst (but possibly most efficient) way of bonding with a new GF! Thanks god it was a cat--if it had been a dog I think we'd both still be in therapy.

Crazy--I'm guessing your average CC thief isn't a member of the Harvard brain trust. Did they catch the movie/cable watching, steak-eating felons? Because I'm so all about making these dumbasses paaaaaaaaaay.

My person just charged $80 worth of posters to our card. Some UW jerkoff must have come back to campus early and decide that his 3-man needed a makeover. Grr.

CrazyTom said...

What's worse than a stupid crook? A stupid blog-comment-poster who can't spell genius.

CrazyTom said...

Oh, I hope they catch them and do make them pay. But we get the feeling that it's not worth their while to pursue with the resources required to investigate, build a case, and prosecute. We did figure out how our card # was stolen (long story), so maybe that will be enough of a head start for them.

nikki d said...

B - I swear this book is the ONLY book that I have gone to. It's no-shit, real advice. Reference for the whole first year and then am sending you the Toddler411 as well. I hate all baby books too. Seriously, the person who wrote What to Expect While Expecting should be hung.