Thanksgiving, Belated

Just to be clear: I do not subscribe to the misguided thought that "cancer is a gift" or the adage that "everything happens for a reason." Those platitudes are the worst kind of smoke that one could blow up my diseased ass. Fortunately, the vast majority of the people in my life know better than to say that crap to my face.

I will stoop to the exercise of taking stock, looking for the silver lining, and all that sugar-coated nonsense. My current list includes:

  • Being able to quit breastfeeding cold turkey without getting clogged ducts or a nasty case of mastitis. Oh, and my new boobs? I'm probably one of the few women who's happier with the After version than the Before.
  • Not having any irritation, much less burns (knock wood), as a result of my radiation treatment.
  • Finally, part of me realized the other day that--while I am totally justified in being completely ripshit about this whole thing--I should actually be a little grateful for coming down with the Big C at this young age. I've got the health and strength that I will surely need to tap into that I might not have 10, 20 years down the road.
Six to go. We're gonna wreck this motherfucker.


Vance said...

"diseased ass"

Chortle. Guffaw. Mirth...

Cap-o-aristotle said...

I agree with you on the platitudes. When a close friend of my father died of lung cancer leaving behind a nine year old daughter, someone told me that it happened for a reason. Wrong, bitch. There is no grand design behind an event like that, and if there were, that would be more offensive than if it just happened by chance. Because who the hell comes up with a shitty plan like that?

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

Cappy--I know that these people don't mean anything malicious and just feel the need to say something, but if there's any doubt, keep your well-meaning cakehole good and shut.

John Gorman said...

Hey- What's your phone #? Send it to me by email (I think you have it).

I just came across this after checking on the status of your former blog. Thanks! From - "The Best Neighbor Ever"