Report from Ass CA* HQ

12th radiation treatment today...happy to report that some familiar rad tech faces were back on today after a few days of nothing but uber blonde strangers, trainees, and overly reassurey-touchy males. I'm good, guy--hands off.

Seriously, folks--I've had enough change in the last odd-month, can't I get some consistency with my new morning ritual?

Speaking of radiation, I think they're going to tack another three onto my treatments, bringing the grand total to a symmetric 33, meaning I have 21 more to go. From the sounds of things, Dr. Radiation ran into the head of my onc team--aka heald of colorectal surgery in these parts--and asked if he would want me to get nuked a few more times since one of the lymph nodes that appears to be involved is "lateral" or some such thing...anyhow, that's why the rad counter in the sidebar got bumped up a bit. Hopefully I won't be totally hating it by that point (with the burns and GI issues and fatigue and did I mention the burns?) and that it'll put even more of a hurt on my tumor pre-surgery.

In other news, my mom left today since I've been feeling pretty good and we have childcare pretty much covered for the duration of my treatments. I'm already exhausted.

*CA=cancer. The abbreviation bugs me for some reason.


Cap-o-snap! said...

Isn't Ass, CA where Heather lives now?

hh said...

oooh - so true. watch it cappy - this place is souring me on your whole damn state.