The One Where I Give My Peeps* Their Props

First, to my boys. A few of you have left comments, and I can only imagine that there are a few more of you lurking out there...I just want to thank you for all of your love, humor, and support in the face of such bullshit nonsense.

I know I wasn't much for "delicate sensibilities" (tm Rog) back in the day, but if you keep coming back here, you're going to hear way more about my pooper and lady business than anyone not related to me by blood or law ever should. I hope despite all the graphic descriptions of my day-to-day, vociferous complaints/whining, and borderline denial of the existence of God, you guys stick around.

And now, for my girls. It goes without saying that you guys RAWK, and not just because more than one of you have offered to loan out your uterus for any future embryo-pops of ours. I'm 99% positive we're done in the procreation department, but the gesture is pretty much the most generous thing EVAR (and foolish--did I not tell you all about the morning sickness and 'roids and heartburn I suffered with Little Miss? Sailor Jody and I cook up a fetus that packs a punch).

Thanks as well for the books and medical insight and Pub Med research and offers to pretty much drop everything you're doing to drive/fly out to be with me/us. It sucks that we're all scattered to the four winds, but knowing you're all out there really does make this easier.

We're doing ok now--like Dr. Niebler said, I'm no less healthy today than I was three weeks ago--and there's really nothing concrete to ask of folks other than your prayers and good thoughts, but once this thing starts to ramp up, we might have a better sense of what our needs are. Hopefully we'll be cognizant enough to recognize what they are and humble enough to ask for help.

Finally, I want to reiterate that just because I'm not keeping up with replies to your emails, I am reading them and they really do brighten my otherwise melancholy days.

Ugh, I sound like such an overwrought pantywaist.

Well, it's rapidly approaching my absurdly early bedtime, so I'll sign off for the time being. Love you all lots, hug your babies, and know that If I ever say "peeps" again, you guys are allowed to punch me.


hh said...

now i feel like a loser that i didn't think to offer up my uterus to you - but then again, i don't think you'd want my blood coursing through any spawn of yours - i seem to produce VERY stubborn children.

love you lots...

Cap-O-Schnack said...

Just checking in.

Not having a uterus, I have nothing to contribute to the topic du jour. When the conversation regresses to fortified wines, as it invariably will, I will be much more prolific with my posts.

Anonymous said...


I just found your blog (thru Moxie's comments) and I wanted to say wow. I don't want to say anything trite, but you are an amazing person, with a tremendous amount of courage and strenght. My husband is a Colo-Rectal Surgeon (probably not your favorite type of person right now) and I made him read all your posts last night because I know that this perspective is something he must understand, and if he didn't know before, then he has to learn now. Thank you for taking the time to write, to educate us about your journey.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

HH: No worries on the uterosity...you have you hands full enough these days without having to worry about what sort of large-headed monster you were incubating.

Cappy: Oh, there will be Mad Dog.

Anon: Thanks for touching base...I hope I didn't come off as searching for pity on Moxie, I'm just really frustrated about the whole insult + injury thing WRT nursing.

As for your husband, C/R surgeons will be on my all time favorite persons list as long as they can hook me back up. Of course, I won't blame my surgeon if there isn't enough room down there to reattach me...although mine seemed pretty encouraged by where the tumor is, so hopefully I'll be pooping like a normal person a year from now...talk about taking the simple things for granted!

Anonymous said...

oh, don't worry about sounding bitter, even though you have more than enough reason to be, you didn't sound it at all.

City of Presidents said...

From wikipedia:
"Low-End Fortified Wine: commonly known as bum wine, wino wine or rotgut wine, is any of a class of inexpensive fortified wines that are popular among the poor, homeless, and college students in the United States for the quick inebriation they deliver....In contrast to table wine, which may be enjoyed as an accompaniment to a meal, fortified wines are generally considered suitable only for intoxication. Note that its classification as 'wine' is a very loosely used term."
What, just because it's green it doesn't count as wine?
There is also some insightful discussion of a certain wine produced by Mogan David wineries.

HH said...

how presumptuous!!! cappy just mentioned "fortified wines". i find it hard to believe that a *man* of cap's *class* would know much of low-end fortified wines;)

Cap-o-sizhnick said...

HH is absolutely correct. In fact, a "low-end" "fortified" wine is a contradiction in terms, if I've ever seen one. The fact that the wine has been fortified makes it superior to all of the non-fortified members of the wine family.

I don't buy that BS about not being able to enjoy a nice fortified wine with a meal. Nothing accompanies Kraft Mac & Cheese like an entire bottle of Strawberry Rose, especially dwhen you've only got about 45 seconds to eat.

HH--I had a very difficult time finding Mad Dog in California. It's there, but you really have to work for it. I would imagine you would have better luck finding it in the Fresno area than in most other parts of California, so at least you've got that going for you, which is nice.

SO--I hope your surgery went well and that your recovery is not too strenuous. We're anxious to hear how it went--still hoping for some good news, I guess.