My Arsenal

I have a loving husband
I have an incredible baby
I have a wonderful family and kickass friends

I have rectal cancer

I have no family history
I have not eaten meat in over eight years
I have never been a smoker

I have to wonder what wart-faced gypsy I pissed off to get a hex like this put on me

I have rage
I have bile
I have deep well of vengeance from which to pull the strength and will to grind this thing to dust


hh said...

as always, you have a way with words. if anyone can kick cancer's ass with style, grace, and a whole lot of sass - you are the one. cancer picked the wrong woman to mess with...

action said...

can we get some *action* from the back section? body movin..body movin...so who has a totally sweet body suit i can wear to the ass kickin' party in madison coming up?? i don't wanna miss it!