Nuke 'Em High

So, apologies for the belated report on the first day of chemo-radiation therapy...The first day was an absolute fucking nightmare, but that was all due to the experimental trial I foolishly agreed to participate in (with no compensation, what was I thinking?!).

I'm enrolled in this study to see if CTVP--cat scan/virtual proctoscopy, aka virtual colonoscopy--is effective as a regular colonoscopy (plus ultrasound?) in evaluating tumors and stuff. I had been told by the woman in charge of the study that it was basically like a CT scan. Ooh, that bitch liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied!

Ok, so I'll try to spare you to gory deets, but suffice it to say that the pain pills I've been popping since my abdominal surgery had apparently been constipating the bejeezus out of me, so that plus the back to back enemas I had to do at home for the CTVP basically gave me horrible labor and delivery flashbacks.

After that drama, I got to (1) lie on my stomach (not so easy with the recent surg) and (b) have my colon pumped full of air, which basically made me feel like I had to shit my pants. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Don't know if I'm going to continue giving my time/body to science without some sort of compensation.

After that, the radiation seemed like a freakin' breeze: lying again on my stomach was less than fun (especially since I had to go cold turkey on breastfeeding and the boobs were not liking that), but it was relatively quick, painless, and humiliation free, which we like. I don't know what pooped me out so much, but I basically came home that day, had some lunch, and napped the afternoon away.

Yesterday was pretty easy and today even quicker (they had to shoot some x-rays the first two days to make sure I was lining up properly). Dr. Radiation gave me a scrip for some compazine because I've had some low-grade nausea since this whole mess started--reminding me a lot of my 1st trimester "morning" sickness where I would open the fridge/pantry and nothing would look good to me. I guess this means I'll be eating a lot of cereal for the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of food, Sailor Jody and I once upon a time had talked about franchising as a way of making some $$. One of our most favorite chains of all time is Jamba Juice, but unfortch they are pretty strict on their rules and you have to be able to open something like 10 stores at once. Anyhoo, I had the brilliant idea of getting Jamba into hospitals because LORDY all I want to eat these days are Strawberry Surfriders. Mmm!


Tricia said...

I wish I could send some Jamba your way! I also seriously considered sending some nausea-prevention-brownies, but didn't think that would be the best idea for several reasons, one of which was not having a good recipe. Hopefully you can find local hook-ups on all fronts.

I can't believe you're not getting comped for the experimental treatment! I would think that Sailor Jody would be a master negotiator and might be able to work a deal there.

I had the weirdest dream last night involving you, J, Danger, psorr, and MMM. All I can remember is that it was an extended formal party. One of us was wearing a purple ballgown; must remember to pick one up for Iceland/Bermuda fete.

Wishing you a comfortable (pain, nausea, and constipation-free) weekend.

Sugarmouth O'Riordan said...

I am such a paradoxical buzz-kill on THC but am definitely entertaining the possibility of trying brownies should the appetite issue get worse down the road.

As for purple ball gown, my mom might still have the lavender one I wore to jennyolson's deb ball laying around somewhere. Good times!