My "New Normal" Can Go and Suck It

I have had it up to FUCKING HERE with this peripheral neuropathy bullshit, never mind my stupid bowels.

Ok, end of rant.

For now.


Ed said...

So sorry to hear your frustration. It has been 18 months since the end of chemo for me. Hands and feet still feel cold all the time, but the tingling in my fingers has completely gone, and I only have a very little tingling in my toes (more on the right than on the left). All extremities still sensitive to cold, but not painfully so.

Bowel issues are still interesting, but yaking a small amount of Metamucil every day helps a TON. Good for softness/wateriness as well as constipation. Go figure.

Best wishes.

Michele said...

Yes, I am sick of the neuropathy. I want my feet back. I am tired of falling all the time, losing my shoes and walking like a drunk.