It's the Little Things...

...or as I like to say, it's a petty fucking victory, but my fingernails are longer now than they have ever been, even longer than that one summer in college I painted houses for all of a month before the company went under and I got a job at a coffee shop and proceeded to drink my weight in espresso, whipped cream, and caramel.

One more sign that chemo is slowly, slowly washing its way out of my system.

I plan on not-so-slowly replacing it all with mojitos and IPAs this summer.


Caroline said...

Is it time yet for a manicure??? I started getting them regularly after chemo ended just so that some part of me looked good, even though I was scarred, fat and bald!!! Now it is my one vanity - regular manis and pedis.

brigita said...

Unfortunately, I have never had a "successful" manicure: if I don't wind up picking it off within the first 48h, I come home from a manicure to find that I have to fish something out of the stupid garbage disposal. :(