A More Straightforward Scan

Remember the bullshit of my last CT scan? Where the radiologist tried to read my films with their head up their ass? Well, I wish I could say it didn't happen again this time, because it did, BUT I can say that my ever-stellar oncologist caught their mistake before it did any damage, with the upshot being that my 1 year [since the end of chemo] scan came back CLEAR! HOORAY!

One tip to all of my fellow scanxiety peeps: one Lorazepam is just the trick to keep the tailspin at bay.


Caroline said...

Lorazepam is my life blood during scanxiety... Congratulations on the clean scan.

MMM said...

Congrats on the clear CT scan!
(and sorry that it's been way too long since you've heard a peep from my part of the world)