I Need To Stop Kidding Myself

I did not do everything right.

Sure, I exercised, maintained a [mostly] healthy weight, did yoga, didn't eat red meat.

But I drank too much, really didn't eat all that well, slept irregularly, would fire my car's keyless remote at my pelvis to improve its range, and got a navel ring, which I learned today can potentially have a negative effect on one's digestive system.

So, did I do everything right? Hardly. But the results are decidedly not in on my bringing The Troubles upon myself.


Caroline said...

I think you did plenty of things right. You did not bring this on yourself.

Anonymous said...

i just began reading about your journey. you need to publish this!!! you write so well, with such candor and humor!! you are hilarious!! and i realize it's not a hilarious subject, but your writings are utterly fantastic and i love reading your posts!! your writing reminds me of david sedaris and augusten burroughs. you have talent!!

i send you great thoughts and hope all is well with you. please, keep wrting :) you're inspirational!!