Everything's [S]copacetic

Save one pesky 5mm polyp, everything looked just fine in the ol' colon. They're even changing my recall to every five years instead of every three, woo hoo!

PS to any followers that are in my peer group, you might want to look into booking your colonoscopy soon: guidelines have been changed and people of normal risk should start getting screening colonoscopies at 45.


No Covid, No Cancer, No Problem

 Stay safe out there, folks, and f*ck 2020!!


All Quiet on the Colorectal Front

See you in 2020!


I'm Here

I'm nearly ten years clear*

I think I'm finally used to it. ;)

(*Clean scope last week! I'll see you this time next year...)


Hot Stuff, Coming Through...

Other than the whole early menopause thing coming true, things are still good on my end.

Hope you all can say the same. :)


Nothing New to Report...

...which is just how we like it. :)


Still Here, Still Healthy.

Until the next time. :)



Two people that I met--one IRL, one only online--that had the same diagnosis as I and were diagnosed around the same time as myself recently died, one today, another a few weeks ago.


So this happened:

That's me on the left with the visor and marathon medal hanging around my neck.

Marathon as in full marathon. 26.2. Yes, I've become that cancer survivor. But then I'm hard pressed to think of a better way to celebrate [now more than] five years being NCED (no current evidence of disease, the closest my onc will get to giving me a clean bill of health).